Prices in €
normal portion / half portion


Salty-sweet Chicken Salad   LF,DF,GF*   19,90/13,10   

Pulled chicken, pickled cucumbers, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, red onion and sweet watermelon on a salad bed

Porinna’s Crayfish Salad  LF,(GF*)   21,90/14,50  

Succulent crayfish tails on a salad bed, apple-fennel shavings, melon, red onion, croutons and sour cream dill dressing


Vegan Bundle Salad  V,GF*   18,90/12,50

Porinna’s puffy bundles on a salad bed with tomatoes, red onion, rocket leaves, aioli and apple-fennel shavings


Fish & Salad    LF,DF   19,90/13,10

Crispy fried Alaskan Pollock fillet with lemon, fresh salad, tomatoes, red onion, pickled cucumbers, melon, apple-fennel shavings and tartar sauce dip


Open Perch Sandwich  LF  25,90/16,80 

Locally sourced butter fried fish fillets on John’s Bakery’s malt loaf with sour cream dill sauce, apple-fennel shavings, pickled cucumbers, red onion and green salad. Garnished with a couple of crayfish tails

Royal Open Crayfish Sandwich   LF 32,80/19,90 

A lavish quantity of crayfish tails arranged on local bakery’s bread, establishing itself as the king of summer foods. Served with tartar sauce, lemon,salad and freshly roasted potato wedges. Garnished with garlic marinated king prawn tails


Porinna’s Perch with Cider Sauce    LF,GF*   29,40/19,90  

Luscious, lightly battered fish fillets with mellow cider sauce, parsnip purée, melon, pickled cucumbers, apple-fennel shavings and roasted potato wedges. Garnished with crayfish tails. Our perch is caught by local fishers from nearby waters


Fish & Chips    LF,DF 19,90/13,10

Hefty golden battered fillet of Alaskan Pollock with locally grown freshly roasted potato wedges accompanied by melon, lemon, malt vinegar and tartar sauce dip

7 Delicacies   LF,GF* 19,90/13,10 

Porinna’s vegan bundles, parsnip puree, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, pickled cucumbers, apple-fennel shavings, aioli and fried rocket leaves. Served with freshly roasted potato wedges        

Captain’s Ground Beef & Potatoes;    LF,GF*   24,50/16,20   

Best Finnish meat topped with goat cheese and chilli mayonnaise. Fresh salad, onion, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, sweet watermelon and locally grown, freshly roasted potato wedges

Porinnas’s Pulled Pork   LF   24,90/16,50  

Melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork and caramel sauce on John’s Bakery’s bread. Apple-fennel shavings, salad and roasted potato wedges


We use hand baked John’s Bakery’s salty-sweet buns and serve our burgers with tasty trimmings: pickled cucumbers, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, salad, tomato, red onion, melon and freshly roasted potato wedges from Knuutila’s farm


Porinna’s Beef Burger    LF,(GF*)   21,80/14,40 

A succulent patty of Finnish beef with chili Mayonnaise and a drop of red wine sauce, melted cheddar, all the trimmings and potato wedges


Veganburger  V,(GF*)   18,90/12,50

Porinna’s homemade crispy vegan patty, aioli, tasty trimmings and freshly roasted local potatoes


Pulled Chicken Burger    LF,(GF*)   19,90/13,10

A generous heap of pulled chicken with goat cheese, a dash of chili mayonnaise, all the trimmings and local potato wedges


Freshly roasted locally grown potatoes, thick country style wedges   V,GF* 4,90   

Potato wedges with garlic  V,GF*  4,90

John’s Bakery’s malt loaf and butter    LF  3,50  

Apple-fennel shavings or pickled cucumbers   V,GF*   3,00

Pear slices in blackcurrant conserve   V,GF*  3,50   

Beef patty, succulent 100% Finnish beef   LF,DF,GF* 7,00    

Goat cheese slice   LF,GF* 4,50


ALL DIPS   á 1,90  

Cheddar sauce   LF,GF*        

Mayonnaise   LF,DF,GF*    

Chili mayonnaise    LF,DF,GF*

Aioli V, GF*

Tartar sauce     LF,DF,GF*  

Sour-cream dill sauce     LF,GF*


Porinna’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake    G* 9,90/7,10

velvety vanilla custard and cranberries


Orange dream    LF,GF*  9,90/7,10

Creamy citrus flavoured fresh cheese dessert with a crushed cookie base


Banana cake   V  9,90/7,10

A vegan banana cake with coconut caramel and Finnish berries 


LF= lactos free

LL= low lactose

DF= dairy free    

V= vegan

GF*= gluten free        

(GF*)= gluten free upon request

We only use Finnish meat  

*Our kitchen deals with products containing gluten